Old Money Cabernet Sauvignon – 2021 – 6pack

Challenge your birthright.

With an ominously opaque, rolling vermilion hue, the Old Money Cabernet Sauvignon is the definition of bold and intense. Dense and incredibly nuanced, the nose displays a flight of delightful aromas ranging from Ecuadorian cocoa nibs to the aroma of a short macchiato made from medium-dark roast Colombian Arabica coffee beans.

Old Money is only for those raised to deserve it or brazen enough to earn it.

$240.00 /6 pack


Cabernet Sauvignon







94 Points
Wine Orbit, Sam Kim

“This is instantly appealing, a wonderfully flavoursome palate, plush and exuberant with a long delicious finish.”


92 Points
The Real Review, Huon Hooke

“A very smart wine, vibrant and age worthy but also approachable young.”

Planted by hand in the 1980’s and 1990’s and 2000’s with the use of both shovels and shiny machines, the vineyards are located in the heart of Coonawarra.

The soils are red, brown and off-cream Terra Rossa sitting over an ancient limestone bed.

This incredible and indispensable wine was made from grapes.

These grapes were picked in relatively inclement weather by people in shiny machines and crushed using another machine, all operated by  hand.

The resultant grape juice though fully capable of getting its own party started was given a nudge with some additional yeast which ushered in a roaring fermentation.

And thus… the sugar was converted to alcohol.

It then spent a long yet non-specific time resting in wood fired wood, before being rudely awoken, filtered and pumped into the glass bottle you see before you.

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